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Hayeswood First School

Academy Committee

Welcome to the Academy Committee section!

The Academy Committee take an active interest in the day to day life of the school. Meetings are held regularly. Parents may have access to the minutes of the Academy Committee meetings on request to the Headteacher or Clerk to the Academy Committee. Meetings will be displayed on the school notice board.

Our Governors

Name Type Area of Responsibility Term
Turrall, Andrew  Executive Headteacher    
Goulding, Simon Trust


18/1/16 - 17/1/20
Martin, Roger Parent  

18/1/16 - 17/1/20

Moore, Jake 

Trust   24/1/18 - 23/1/22
Pattle, Stephen  Trust   18/3/15 – 17/3/19
Pinto, Alison  Staff   01/9/18 - 31/8/22
Richardson, Janet  Staff   01/9/18 - 31/8/22
Todd, Andrew Parent


18/1/16 - 17/1/20
Vairy, Sue Trust Vice Chair 18/3/15 – 17/3/19
Payne, Lynnette Clerk    

  Mrs Payne is contactable via the school office.