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Hayeswood First School

Diary Dates


2nd Jan 2018 School Closed INSET Day
3rd Jan 2018 First day of Term
8th Jan 2018 Badgers to St Michaels - swim and dance
8th Jan 2018 Clubs start
10th Jan 2018 Hedgehogs to Dorchester museum
12th Jan 2018 New Year Disco
17th  Jan 2018 Bags to School collection
5th Feb 2018 Parent Consultations
6th Feb 2018 Parent Consultations
7th Feb 2018 Parent Consultations
9th Feb 2018 Half Term
22nd Feb 2018 Phonics Evening for Frogs Parents 7pm
23rd Feb 2018 HSA Quiz night
26th Feb 2018 Badgers to St Michaels - Tag Rugby
1st Mar 2018  World Book Day and Books at Bedtime
8th Mar 2018  HSA Flim night
19th March 2018 Parents Drop in 
22nd March 2018 Squirrels Trip to Poole Museum
23rd March 2018 Parents Drop in
23rd March 2018 Sport Relief Day - Non Uniform
27th March 2018 HSA Easter Tea Party - 3.30pm
28th March 2018 Easter Service - St Michael's Church 9.00
29th March 2018 Easter Hats
29th March 2018 Last Day of Term
16th April 2018 School Closed - INSET Day
23rd April 2018 Class Photos
27th April 2018 Badgers Tag Rugby Tournament - QE School
30th April 2018 Hedgehogs Tri Golf and Multiskills Festival - St Michael's School
1st May 2018 Squirrels trip to Marwell Zoo
23rd May 2018 Badgers and Hedgehogs to BSO Concert - Lighthouse
26th/27th June 2018 Badgers Trip to Carey Camp - overnight
30th June 2018 HSA Summer Fair
2nd July 2018 Squirrels Mini Olympics - St Michael's School
6th July 2018 Transfer Day
10th July 2018 Badgers Trip to Colville School, London
13th July 2018 Sports Day and Open Afternoon
24th July 2018 Last Day of Term
25th July 2018 School Closed - INSET Day